narcomedixx - a Swiss company

We are a stock corporation located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our name derived from the two words narcos (Sleep) and medics (health care professionals): Anesthesiology can be understood as artificial sleep induced and maintained by medication under surveillance of healthcare professionals.

Anesthesiology in Central Europe is a medical specialty that is based on four columns: anesthesia, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine and pain treatment. The synthesis of these sub-specialties reflects our commitment in serving markets in general medicine and dentistry.

The strategies we teach our clients are the exact SAME strategies our medical team members and affiliated experts have used to gain their status in their fields of medicine.
To stay ahead of the curve, we're constantly testing and tweaking in-the-field medical emergency related management strategies such as airway management, emergency management in medical and dental practices as well as sedation and anesthesia strategies that healthcare professionals can immediately apply to their own business and profit from.

Our innovative solutions and recommendations are derived from the opinions and scientific work of international medical experts. We are proud to have these people with us to help us to proceed with our program and to help our customers to gain expertise in the management of special situations that may or may not be occurring during their daily work.

With our team of experts we are constantly creating high quality tools and resources available online as well as in seminars and courses.

If you would like more information about the company or our services and products, please feel free to e-mail your questions to:

Schneckenmannstrasse 9
CH-8044 Zuerich

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